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Life is for living! Dream of yesterday, but live today

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100 things No 1. Inspiration.


Today there were several news items that caught my attention. One of the stories about bullying had me wanting to write, so am writing a letter to the paper. This is not the letter just a bit of background;

The mother in the article confronted the bully and told him she would cut his heart out with a spoon. Like that.

My middle child was being bashed every day when he was about 8, I didn't know but a mother told me when she witnessed it. He had come home pale and tear streaked but didn't tell me this happened for a week or two. Anyway I dealt with it full on, no 'pussy footing' about the school and the 'procedure' I went straight to the mother. She denied her angelic child could do this, but other mothers confirmed it she had to concede, and it stopped. Similar case when I was 10, My mother took me to the school made me punch the boy who was hitting me, I was scared stiff too. OK this would be frowed on now, but hey it works.
Another mother empowered her girls when bullied on FB. They rang the person and said they would be round to discuss it. Bullies don't like direct approaches, they can hide easier. I have had the subtle bullying other women sometimes try. Leaving you out, doing the whisper campaign, which means spreading something unpleasant about you which is not true. Again I confronted that when it happened. If you leave it they win. If you fight it you still may lose friends, but at least you tried. Never give up.

So this article made me want to write, perhaps not poetic and lyrical, but real life.

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good for you for writing. I know a lot of us hesitate to stand up to bullying because we're afraid it will escalate. And sometimes it does (e.g. the woman at my job and men at the nightmare job I had a few years ago). But even when it does, the act of standing up tot hem makes the victim feel stronger, somehow. I hope your letter gets published.

I have to say though, I can't really condone the mother saying she'd cut the bully's heart out. I mean, wow.

Was a bit strong!! agree.
BTW My husband has been sending you jokes,---- see another man in your life! LOL,

Hope you enjoyed memorial day, or will....
Love the poem, and happy you are writing again. So tired off to bed.

I wish my parents were like that. I think my parents secretly cheered my bullies on, because she didn't have to criticize me for awhile.

Actually I've been pouring my heart out in
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I wish my parents were like that. I think my parents secretly cheered my bullies on, because she didn't have to criticize me for awhile.

Actually I've been pouring my heart out in <lj-user = career_waitress> and it DOES help.

Fighting for your kids should be a natural. My middle boy was a funny wicked and loving kid, he was always in trouble for being the class clown, who has since gone on to bring me a lot of grief, but never has he EVER been physically abusive .
His hassles are financial and mostly connected to cars! I have to stand back now and not get involved because its too darned complicated. He will have to fight that battle himself, and we have no money for lawyers.

Agree about venting I need to; and still keep a journal, it helps doesn't it? Will have a look at yours, have stuff to do today, after a busy weekend. But time later.

I think if I found out either of my kids were being bullied I'd have to "fight" for them too. I'd mention it to the school, and keep a close eye on what was happening myself too. I'd certainly delve into it a bit more.

I've seen a kid pushing T around - while in line in Auskick when he was in Reception (so 2 and a bit years ago). The other kids was in Year 1, but bigger than T. They were standing in line, things were getting boring, kids were pushing each other and T was pushed back into this boy. The boy started pushing T forward, even after everyone else had stopped. T was looking around at this boy, who I was watching very very closely, and the boy smacked him across the face....or punched him in the back.....he was kind of doing both. Anyhow, I called out from the sideline for him to stop. He did it again, not hearing me because he was a little distance away. T was looking at me as I was walking out to this kid. The other boy saw me coming and stopped after one last push. I asked him what did he think he was doing, you don't push a little kid around or smack him in the face. And I said if I ever saw him do that again I'd do the same to him. Didn't see him anywhere near T again when they had Auskick, and I cringe every time I see him in the playground now.

If there's one thing I'm rather defensive about, it's protecting my kids. I think that other kid kind of pushed a few people around at school too, from what T was telling me.

Of course you would the 'tiger' comes out when its our kids.

You did the right thing, just keeping an eye on him, and knowing the character of the boy good for you!

Even now they are all so much older still feel the same, but some things are beyind a word, or anything I can do. I still think about them the same. When its horrible weather and I know my stonemason son is working on an exposed bridge or a church spire, then I think of him. He is like me feels the cold badly, and needs his food. So I wish I could rush there with a hot pie and gloves, being a Mum never stops.

you are doing 100 things that inspire yoiu? Excellent!

Can't wait to see all your posts.

Yes, bullies are always tougher when they can remain a little anon or have people behind them. they are ultimately cowards.

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