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Reflecting on the health care issue in America.

We used to have private health care, we no longer do.  When we had it we were fit!

I suppose coming from a life lived in countries where health care is generally covered, I find it difficult to comprehend the issues. NZ, England, and Australia have reasonable schemes.

I had TB while in NZ and only one bill for injections we had a problem with,
  and my babies born there? No cost at all.

In England it was covered.    Here in Australia as we came to live here when we were middle aged we have been lucky.

Husband had a vien operation, a prostate operation, a mass in his back taken out, and a blockage dealt with All for virtually no cost. I think we paid some for the anesthetics once or twice.   But generally this was done without cost.

We both pay for a specialist, but on medicare get about two thirds back, 

My recent operation,  so far no bills. When you think of the care I received and the food and the drugs, amazing.  So we do live in a 'lucky country' Realise its not the same for everyone, we have reached the age where care is needed, and are receiving it.

So with this in mind I will be watching what happens in America
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