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Reflecting on the health care issue in America.

We used to have private health care, we no longer do.  When we had it we were fit!

I suppose coming from a life lived in countries where health care is generally covered, I find it difficult to comprehend the issues. NZ, England, and Australia have reasonable schemes.

I had TB while in NZ and only one bill for injections we had a problem with,
  and my babies born there? No cost at all.

In England it was covered.    Here in Australia as we came to live here when we were middle aged we have been lucky.

Husband had a vien operation, a prostate operation, a mass in his back taken out, and a blockage dealt with All for virtually no cost. I think we paid some for the anesthetics once or twice.   But generally this was done without cost.

We both pay for a specialist, but on medicare get about two thirds back, 

My recent operation,  so far no bills. When you think of the care I received and the food and the drugs, amazing.  So we do live in a 'lucky country' Realise its not the same for everyone, we have reached the age where care is needed, and are receiving it.

So with this in mind I will be watching what happens in America

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As long as the line is drawn and Republicans on one side and Democrats on the other each caring only about keeping in good with the party and none of them caring about Americans.

The pharmaceutical companies and the American Medical Association have lobbyist that spend billions to keep a National Health Care System out of the USA.

That means we are just out of luck. But the politicians have a fantastic health care plan.

Yes bet they do!

so hard to start this up in a country where it has not been the norm, abusers are out there too, England is very generous to the whole of Europe and beyond. The on going costs....well frightening.

It's good to know care is there when you need it, isn't it.

However, I do feel for those people who have been on waiting lists for years to get dental work done, or have an operation of some sort.

We have private health cover, have for decades, but with the kids orthodontics, and other things that have been done for them it has certainly been worth it.

It's great you've not seen any bills for your operation yet....hopefully it stays that way.

Yes I was on a list for five years for dental work then had to drive two hours as the only participating dentist with the time was in Painsville. Dental care is a desperate problem as and you and Dee have had your share of paying for it.. When we had a business we were in Bupa for about 20 years. Then when we came here, we simply could not afford it.

It's hard to fathom but there are ignorant masses here in America! there are those that oppose the Health Care Act because they think it takes away their "freedom"... and these people are the very ones who would benefit most from having Health Care. It's insane. But the US Supreme Court upheld the act, so it looks like we made it. Finally.

Am watching with interest. As I mentioned there are always those who abuse the system, but will hope it works out. Its the same here with the boats of Asylum victims, (a huge debate as a hundred or so drowned recently) the politics are far more important, they lose sight of the real issues.

Australia really is the lucky country.

We have Private Heath Care Jac but only because we would hate to be put on a waiting list for years and years, I feel our free hospitals are getting worse and will never get better. It's really just for Peace of mind and being able to get into Hospital straight away for an operation that might take years and years on the public health scheme. All the same, I am so glad that you have had such good treatment, it is so nice to hear something good about the Public Hospitas :)

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